Crafty Gnome Teflon Bone Folder
Crafty Gnome Teflon Bone Folder and Scoring Tool - 100% Teflon, Extra Smooth, White, Premium Quality for Scoring, Folding, Creasing, Bookbinding, Origami
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About the product

  • Made Of 100% Teflon: ultra smooth and will not leave a burnishing mark or shine like traditional bone folders
  • Non-Stick: adhesives, inks, and paints will not stick to it
  • Ergonomic Design: ergonomically engineered for the ideal grip; shape and weight make it easy and comfortable to hold
  • Perfect Size For Scoring: fits in scoring board grooves; not too small, not too large
  • Ideal For: scoring, folding, creasing, bookbinding, scrap booking, origami, card making, paper crafts and much more

Simply Awesome
Are you looking for a high-quality bone folder for your next DIY crafting project? Arts and crafts will take on a whole new meaning with the Crafty Gnome Teflon Bone Folder. Whether you're into bookbinding, origami, card making, scrapbooking or anything else related to bookbinding, our 100% Teflon Bone Folder will make all your creations look more professional. Make stationary with crisp creases; make cards with perfect folds; make invitations with smooth lines; make amazing scrapbooking scores.

Beautiful in Its Simplicity
This product has an innovative, ergonomic design that sits comfortably in your hand. Made from the highest quality teflon, our bone folder will exceed all your expectations. It is guaranteed to never leave a burnishing mark and is safe to use with adhesives.

Artistically Inspired
• Made of 100% Teflon
• More flexible than a traditional bone folder
• Glue will not adhere to our Teflon Bone Folder
• Won't scuff paper or cloth
• Won't leave a sheen
• Non-Scratch, Non-Glaze, Non-Stick
• Look more professional with all you make
• Size: 6.25" x 0.75" x 0.375"
• Weight: 1.9 oz.

Enhance Your Life
Your bone folder is an investment. The Crafty Gnome Teflon Bone Folder will make a great addition to your crafting toolkit.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Love it!
Received my Crafty Gnome Teflon Bone Folder today. Had to try it out right away as I had ordered another brand previously that turned out to be no different than an ordinary bone folder. This teflon bone folder did not disappoint. Works well, so far, with my scoreboard - makes a nice crease and leaves no sheen on black cardstock when folded. Wonderful tool! Highly recommend!
by StampinGal
Love!! Amazing for the price!!
Love it. Super nice feeling tool. No shiny marks or punch through on the scoreboard. The pressing end is great for pushing down liner mats inside hand-made boxes.
by Sheanna Nesseralla
Eliminates Visible Marks
I needed a bone folder that did not leave visible marks on my paper craft projects. The Crafty Gnome bone folder works beautifully.
by MGC
Fabulous crafting tool!!!
Absolutely love this tool!
by Amazon Customer
It is the perfect tool
by Jackie Wood